Super Cat and the Kitties – Challenges INC


Super cat is a fast and addictive arcade game. Play as brave Cat and save the kawaii kittens left in the box by avoiding the obstacles.

In this game, you have to go down with the rope, and take kittens one by one and climb back to the top. Sounds easy ? Not, You have to be careful with deadly mechanic, and moving obstacles, since they don’t like cats and kittens.

The story of the game:
While your super cat was asleep, the evil animal technician stole the kittens for experiment. What experiment the evil animal technician wants to do with kitties unknown. But, your duty, is to save small kittens from the evil of animal technician as soon as possible. Go ahead, and be a brave cat and save the kitties by all means.

How to Play:
1. Touch anywhere on the screen and hold it to go down the cat with the rope
2. Release your finger to stop the rope
3. Do not touch red obstacles, otherwise the cat will be frightened and will climb back automatically
4. As soon as you reach the box, the cat will take up on kitten automatically with it, and from this point, touch the screen to climb up.
5. After taking a kitty with you, go up to the very top of the screen to save it. So, save the all kittens from 30 levels.
6. You will lose a level if you drop off all three kitties.
7. You can pass to the next level by saving at least one kitty.
8. To achieve the maximum result, save all 3 kitties on each level.
9. Just have fun with it.

– Simple, but addictive gameplay
– Interesting made 30 challenging and unique levels
– The game tests your reactions to different situations
– Neat, and Simple 2D graphics

Attention: Despite the fact the game looks very simple, be prepared to test your reactions, accuracy, and patience more than ever.