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Play a new kind of Sudoku! Combine card-play and Sudoku PvP battles for the first time in history. This is Sudoku Man with Original Puzzles Acquisition System, the new Sudoku game where you engage in daily number games against real-time global players!Real Sudoku with Unique Solution!Detailed Difficulty Suitable for Everyone!

Sudoku Man with detailed Difficulty is ideal for beginners to learn and advanced players. Complete Mission to obtain more new Sudoku puzzles.Playing the Sudoku tournament and wining the final victory. Sudoku on mobile is still as good as web or paper!

Take a break from regular number games with a different taste of the classic game Sudoku! Clear your mind, exercise your brain, and enjoy Sudoku Man!

• All Sudoku puzzles are Real Sudoku with Unique Solution not generated by Program.

PvP Sudoku
• PVP Battle In-Real Time,Duel with Global Sudoku Players!
• Connecting with social network,challenging with your friends!
•You can view opponent’s progress while you playing.
•You can find your rank on Global or Friends list

Original Puzzles Acquisition System
•You can complete Mission to obtain more free new Sudoku Puzzles
•You can buy it on Store by using free coins or diamond directly

Classic Sudoku
• Classic Sudoku,6×6,9×9,diagonal etc.Each type has levels from one star to five stars.
• Detailed Difficulty:It’s suitable for beginners to learn and advanced players.
• When you solving a Sudoku Puzzle,you have a limit of Hit Points and Hints ,you can mark .

Enjoy Classic Sudoku with PvP gameplay! Play Sudoku Man daily to improve your skills and become a master puzzle solver!

1. Now we only support as an visitor to login to Sudoku Man,but you can connect with your facebook account in-game.
2. Sudoku Man is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.
3. An internet connection is required to play this game.

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