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“Sudoku Gold” offers a sudoku problem in five levels of difficulty from Easy Easy to very very demanding Expert, so you can enjoy everything from beginner to advanced expert !!
Check your skills ~~~.

   * Sudoku: A number puzzle game that consists of nine 3×3 boxes, and each row, line, and column of 3×3 fill 1 to 9 without duplicates

[Special Option for Sudoku Gold]
-Smart Highlight Areas: All guidelines for the selected number are color-coded to help you easily fill in the numbers in white blanks.
-Smart Number: Automatically find and display possible numbers in blank
-Smart Finish: Finishes the game by simply completing the tedious simple task of bailing the tail and filling the blanks with numbers.

[Basic function]
– Ability to save and retrieve progress
– Ability to select five levels of difficulty
-Undo Redo
– Convenient interface such as guideline, same number highlight
– provide hints