Subway Super Train Drive 3D – Coding Squares


subway super train drive is a unique addition in the train games. Real racing metro train track in mountain and city area. Fast drive on the railway track is extreme fun for the crazy driver. Play this amazing game and enjoy the different multiple hill location and scenes. London underground track train is also a like this tunnels and bridges cross is a beautiful scenes. Become an expert train driver by playing this challenging racing train environment. Multiple 3d passenger railway stations in the lush green hills and rivers. Extreme river crossing rail rush is a great experience. You should play this cargo orange train game and prove yourself as a good hero and legends of train driving. Attractive and gorgeous rock and sand environments for fast drive. Wonderful transportation in different dangerous situations and enjoyment for those who are crazy of taking risks. Drive carefully don’t hit the other trains follow the signals and reach your destination safely.
Speed driver modern German train provide you a fabulous travelling tour. Powerful nitro engine trains for race in desert and snow slipper railway track upgrade driving skills and techniques. Select any track and environment there is no restriction ,it also provide very nice night mode ,in night mode you can on the train light and drive it also a big fun for you. Desert race and snow slipper railway track is also available for driving. There is also speed limit, you must follow the speed limit, speed board that is available on the side of road speed is mention on them don’t cross the speed limit if you cross the speed limit then you can hit the other trains that is very dangerous and game will be over.
Attach engine with train and explore the vast locations and fulfill your train travelling dreams.
Train passes in different amazing city ,town, and villages. Euro modern train 3d of London is a big wonderful train game of 2016. Time pickup and drop the passenger on the next stations.
Features of the game
Realistic and simple game play
Amazing Night, raining and snow falling
Awesome multiple levels and challenging missions
Railway track signals for crossing the other trains
Stunning graphics and heart touching train sound
Track switch option, button available ,multiple tracks
Speed limit board on the track that inform you about speed limit
Open and close doors options for picking and drop the passengers
Multiple cameras views cockpit, train front, back, side and top of train