Stuurman – by.sibel


About ‘Stuurman’ – Online service for helping blind and visually impaired people. Helps to be mobile and independent.
Stuurman is an additional tool similar, for example, to a guide dog or a white cane, which allows a blind person to feel more mobile and independent in different situations. This service aims to replace the live help of a sighted person to a blind one.
Using the application installed on the smartphone, the blind person connects with the assistant and broadcasts what is happening in front of the smartphone’s camera to the Navigator (assistant) workplace. Navigator is looking at the screen of a pad or smartphone and helps the blind person to find the place he needs, to read in the store signs, prices, etc. When video quality does not allow reading the text, the Navigator uses a special button to take a photo and in a few seconds due to zoom in he is able to read it to the last detail. In addition, the application allows receiving and displaying on the map an actual location of the blind person.