StudyDate- Connecting Students – Joshua Ryals

StudyDate is a different kind of connection app, aimed at bringing students together through their university classes.

Meeting new people on a giant college campus may seem like a daunting task, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. StudyDate digitizes this quintessential aspect of college life by providing a smarter, safer, and less intimidating medium to build connections with your peers.

Customize your StudyDate profile with your academics, personal interests, study habits, and other attributes. Afterwards, you can view other students’ profiles filtered by course and let our high-powered Smart Pairing algorithm go to work connecting you with your future best friend and go-to study partner.

StudyDate’s native messaging service is designed to be clean and naturally intuitive, rich with all the features you’d expect from a messenger and several you wouldn’t. Use our built-in chat applets to keep the conversation fresh with polls, scheduled calendar events, or even Zoom meetings that can be scheduled right from within conversations.

No more endless scrolling through online group forums hoping someone has created a chat for your other classmates- StudyDate’s full-course group chats are easily located and automatically created for every course at your university. Share useful information with your whole class at once!

Whether you’re on or off campus this semester, StudyDate can help you connect with others in your area. Our Nearby feature helps you discover those around you who are studying for a course you’re in and don’t want to do it alone.

StudyDate is a network exclusively for University of Florida students. The app requires all users to go through a university email verification process to ensure that every profile you see is owned by a real student- no catfishing in our house. We also guarantee this same level of safety with your personal data, and practice minimal data collection as well as full transparency regarding what we do store about you.