Stinkin Crawfish – Global Vision Investments LLC


We started Stinkin Crawfish with the vision of quality seafood, great service and nice atmosphere. We first opened in West Covina in February 2014. With the help of our happy customers, we quickly established ourselves as the ‘go to’ place for good seafood. We have large screen TV’s surrounding the restaurant for your entertainment. Our servers are trained to ensure that you have a positive experience. And our food is made with care and quality in mind. Our butter is 100% pure with no additive from free range cows. We started giving out free deep fried oreo and icecream for dessert for our grand opening. It became such a big hit that we kept it free to all our dined in guests. By January of 2015, we opened a second location in Downey, CA. Our formula for a positive experience was received better than we could have ever hoped. Today, on February 2016, we opened our third location in Whittier, CA. Again,, we bring our lively atmosphere and quality seafood to the locals. Our catfish meal, shrimps and deep fried oreos are a must have. With all the ingredient for a positive experience, we’d love for you to visit us!