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Staffers is an on-demand work platform for the hospitality industry. 
It is not a staffing agency, but simply a platform where businesses and people can connect for temporary work. Staffers links together available shifts at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafés and events with people looking for extra work. 

For workers: 
Unlike other on-demand work apps, Staffers gives you more freedom and flexibility. 
With Staffers, you choose which jobs you want to apply for, and when. 

Whether you are looking to work full-time or only a couple of extra shifts, Staffers has you covered. 

Open the app, create your profile, and apply for as many jobs as you like within seconds. If a manager chooses you, the job is yours. No resumes or CVs needed. All work agreements are made through the app. 
All you have to do is show up, work, and get a rating. The better rating you get, the easier it will be to get new jobs. 
Businesses will receive your payment details and pay you a salary as a normal employee. It is that simple. 

With Staffers, you can truly set your own schedule. 

*Certain positions on Staffers require an invite in order to apply. These jobs are reserved for experienced hospitality professionals. Are you a professional? You can get an invite from one of our ambassadors.

For businesses
• Staffers is a staffing tool for businesses. Find staff that fit your requirements, whether its an experienced chef or a runner providing extra help. You post a job and choose the position you need, the work hours, and the hourly wage. 
• With Staffers, you can drastically shorten the hiring process, and choose applicants from their previous experience and ratings from other employers. This way, you can be sure you will find the right fit fast. No interviews needed. Just choose your staffer, and they are yours for the job. 
• Staffers become temporary employees at your establishment, therefore you are responsible for paying their salaries. The app takes care of all work agreements digitally, and you will receive all the necessary information in order to pay salaries. It is as simple as that. 
• Staffers is up to 50% cheaper than traditional staffing agencies. 

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