SSBond – Tong-Chai Siew


SSBond is designed to manage your growing Singapore Savings Bonds portfolio and give you the information you need to make better decision.

Features of SSBond:

– Inform you of current bond offer.
– Find all past issue of Savings Bonds.
– To add the issue to your portfolio, find the issue and tab ‘+’ and enter the amount invested.
– If you have partially redeemed the issue, go to your portfolio, select the issue and tab redeem, enter the amount redeemed and save.
– You can see all your interest income by years under ‘Income Stream’, tab on the year to see the detail, you can see detail by issues or consolidate by months.
– Use the IRR(to maturity) in each issue to better optimize your returns by recycling existing capital.

Please note that you can only maintain one portfolio per device.