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Welcome to Squad In Touch Preview program.

Squad In Touch is honing the rules of its mobile apps development. Our customers have helped us to develop the new Squad In Touch Mobile app over the past year, but there is still a long way to go.

New and innovative features are now exclusively available on the Squad In Touch Preview app. Test and rate the new functions and give us your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Your input will be much appreciated and help us make the Squad In Touch app even more user-friendly and attractive in favour of the whole Squad In Touch Community.

Squad In Touch is a new comprehensive sporting activities cloud based solution designed for schools and parents.

Squad In Touch provides your squad with easy to use mobile apps connecting teachers, coaches and parents around children’s sports life:
• Keep your teachers, coaches and parents in touch
• Update changes to the match right from the pitch
• Share your excitement and impression via posting photos and comments
• Specify live scores allowing all members to get the latest changes in real time
• Set performance and discipline marks as the game proceeds

Squad In Touch for iOS. Be mobile. Be on the go. Be in touch with your squad.