Spy Drone Military Warzone – Muhammad Farooq


ntelligence spy drone has reported some enemy military activity near the snow hill climb mountain borders. Secure your military warzone with spy drone attack. Military warzone is an epic aerial attacking game. Feel the thrill and action in this fast paced combat and realistic actions.

Fly the best aerial spy drones and attack enemies and rebel forces. Be a fearless military warzone spy drone operator in the frontline battlefield. Fly through the snow covered hill climb mountains and keep an eye on enemy movement. Take aim and shoot missiles at the enemy and terrorists groups engaged in military warzone territorial activities. These terrorists are move in various locations like jungles, deserts and inside city supermarkets. Take off your latest fleet of spy drone. Attack enemy and return to military warzone base. Get into simulator action and fly this amazing unmanned aerial and legend warrior military warzone spy drone. Play this ultimate tactical commando warfare shooting. Takedown the militants and terrorist base near the snow covered hill climb mountains through aerial spy drone attacks. Protect your military warzone spy drone from anti-drone missiles fired by enemy anti-aircraft guns. Military warzone is using modern tactical warfare with intel spying in the core of mountain battlefield.