Sports Science Quiz – Mina Reeve


This is a quiz based revision app specifically geared to those studying Sports Exercise and Health Sciences, Physical Education or Sport at any level. Based on the IB syllabus for SEHS, you can work your way through six core topics to strengthen your basic knowledge before advancing through to two further topics which are significantly more complicated.

Test your skills in the bonus mix of questions which are aimed at higher level achievers to beat the game. With the functionality of being able to share your progress with friends, challenge one another to compete for elite status with over 450 multiple choice questions.

With only three lives per topic and the need to score highly before progression can be made, the user experience is both thrilling, motivating and educational. The app records data from your previous test scores so you may be able to track and monitor your progress. Challenge yourself by completing the quiz faster and with all lives so you can claim bragging rights.