Splic – Splic, Inc.

Join the Splic community and create mesmerizing interactive videos in just seconds! Splics are Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style short videos in which viewers can tap different areas to change the course of the story.

Use Splic to:
* Create fun and engaging interactive videos (“splics”) in just seconds
* Share on Splic, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or via messaging: no Splic app required for playback!
* Actively engage your audience by having them participate in your narratives
* Make splics from existing videos or record new ones within the app
* Use the ghost frame feature for seamless transitions between video segments
* Follow your friends or favorite creators, and see their splics in your feed
* Discover fun interactive content from top splicsters
* Lead the way of interactive storytelling and build your following on Splic
* Collect insights and feedback on what your viewers tapped