Spark Social Parking – Guy Mazaltrim

Welcome to Spark, the free social app that allows you to share parking slots between people, both in real and future time.
Spending tons of time searching for parking when you return from work? Go to Spark and check if someone releases parking in your area!
Want to help the community? Release a parking slot soon?
Sign in and publish it on Spark!

The application uses a give and take method (virtual tokens based).
Whenever you will share your parking slot to one of the users in the application, you will receive a virtual token.
Whenever you will ask for parking and you will receive it through the application, you will donate a virtual token to the parking releaser.

With this method, the more parking spaces you share with the application, the more coins you will be able to use for future parking.
In addition, new users receive 3 virtual coins that will allow you to experiment with the app and enjoy the parking.

So what are you waiting for? Download Spark and start parking without waiting and without a headache!