Space Rocket: Mars Exploration – Alena Zaytseva

Control the large multi-staged rocket, which was built to conquer the Mars! Watch it nobly flying to the space and maybe even higher, check its positions and number of modules and reach this amazing red planet – you worth it! Play our new Space Rocket Mars Exploration game trying to land little Mars colonizers right to the surface!

This rocket is so amazing! It has many modules and stages to be ready for the Mars exploration, so do your best and don’t let the colonization process down! Watch it gorgeously flying right to the space, remove some stages to make it faster and just enjoy this fascinating possibility to explore the outer space filled with mysteries and dangers!

Remember: the higher your rocket flies, the more points you earn, so be really careful and attentive not to explode it! Even the little mistake can lead you to the failure, but don’t worry too much, just train your rocket controlling skills up! Check this ultimately amazing Space Rocket Mars Exploration game – you absolutely won’t be disappointed!

Upgrade your rocket with some new colorful skins or unlock some interesting opportunity to transport more colonizers – they all want to discover the Martian surface and even build some interesting constructions here! Put your mark on this fantastic galaxy and the Mars itself and just enjoy this wonderful game!

Space Rocket Mars Exploration features:
• Amazing space exploration rocket arcade game
• Various missions with the main one – the Mars colonization!
• Many colorful skins for your space shuttle
• Fascination simulation of landing at the Mars’ surface
• Picturesque graphics and stunning cosmic flight atmosphere

Check your rocket flying skills trying to reach the Mars in Space Rocket Mars Exploration game!