Space Numbers Place Value – Math Adventures

Space Numbers is a multiplayer game that helps children learn addition and subtraction number facts. Players learn the basic facts by capturing numbers to reach a total. The player who gets to the total and taps “Blast Off” first wins!

Understanding place value is a key math concept critical in a child’s development. Progressing from counting to using number facts and place value is difficult for many children. This app is specifically designed to help children make this critical progression.

• Multiplayer game, suitable for one, two, three or four players
• 10 games all focused on the key math concept of place value which is vital for success
• All games can be played twice for free. An in-app purchase will unlock unlimited game play.
• Each game is a little harder than the previous game
• Game 1 and Game 9 can be used to work out if the app is at the right level of difficulty

To work out if this app is at the right level of challenge try Game 1 and Game 9. If Game 1 is too hard or Game 9 is too easy this app is not at the right level.

The free version of this app allows each game to be played twice. Games 1 and Game 9 can be played unlimited times for free.

How to Play

1. Select a game from the menu.

2. One, two, three or four players select a coloured corner base.

3. Slide a finger from your base completely around a number.

4. Make sure you completely circle a number out in space.

5. Collect numbers to add up to the total in the green shape.

6. If you collect more numbers than you need, click on the x below Blast off! to release all of the numbers, and start again.

7. When you have collected numbers equal to the total click on Blast off! First player to do this wins.

This app focuses on adding numbers, including using place value, tens and ones etc., and develops children’s fine motor skills or dexterity. Being able to quickly and easily use place value to add numbers together, draw and write are essential skills needed to progress and succeed at school and beyond.

Game 1 – Make 30, 40, 50 … with numbers 1 and 10
Game 2 – Make 40, 50, 60 … with numbers 1, 5 and 10
Game 3 – Make 45, 50, 55 … with numbers 5 and 10
Game 4 – Make 21, 31, 41 … with numbers 1, 5 and 10
Game 5 – Make 400, 500, … with numbers 10 and 100
Game 6 – Make 13 to 42 with numbers 1, 5 and 10
Game 7 – Make 15 to 61 with numbers 1 and 10
Game 8 – Make 310 to 411 with numbers 1, 10 and 100
Game 9 – Make 29, 39, 49 with numbers -1, 1 and 10
Game 10 – Make 0.4 to 3.2 with numbers 0.1 and 1

Math Adventures is a New Zealand company helping children learn mathematics. We develop apps that focus on the key concepts that need to be fully understood to progress and succeed in mathematics. Our apps range from learning to count up to understanding and using fractions and decimals, with each app focusing on one key concept.

We believe:
• Everyone can learn mathematics
• Playing educationally rich games and apps improves understanding
• Learning math should be fun and exciting, a rewarding adventure

Our growing variety of apps is research based and classroom tested to make sure they help children learn.

Space Numbers is part of our ‘play and learn’ series, which are games high in educational value where children learn as they play. We are also currently developing ‘learning’ apps which use the power of the iPad to help children understand and learn key math concepts and to unravel misunderstandings.