SOVS – Composition Camera – SOVS Co., Ltd


When you are asking someone to take a photo of you,
you don’t have to explain, just SHOW it.

1. SHOW where you want to be placed in the photo
Choose a pose, size it and move it to the position you like. Then, hand it to anyone to ask for photographing as you set. Anyone can take a photo of you as the way you desired by simply overlapping the avatar and you.

2. GUIDE a photographer to take the perfect background as well
In translucent mode, you can photograph the desired background previously, and show it translucent. Then, hand it to anyone and ask for photograph as overlapping it.

3. Enjoy various filter effects
SOVS is ready for create your perfect photo. Complete your best pic with SOVS filters.

SOVS is the acronym for SomeOne Very Special. It reflects our vision ‘Cherish your moments with someone very special.’

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