Soothing Sounds – Dominic Marshall

Soothing sounds is an easy to use music player with a selection of soothing loops. All you have to do is select a melody, select an ambience, then sit back and relax!
Create your own unique soothing mix that’s just right for you. Use it for studying, sleeping, or simple stress relief!

Use headphones for the full stereo image. Trust me, they help

(Please do not use this whilst operating heavy machinery or driving, or operating on a patient, or anything else where falling asleep will be bad!)

How to use:

The first screen shows the Song Picker Tab. This lets you pick a song, in this tab you can also change the volume, mute the melody, and finally pick a melody at random

The second screen shows the Ambience Picker Tab. This works more or less the same as the Melody Picker tab but allows you to pick an ambience like a soothing fireplace, or gently running river.

The last tab consists of the effects. It allows you to add delay to the melody, or reverb to the ambience in order to personalize the music even more!

Now go chill out! Please!