Solving Math – PQ Formula – Flooki


This app uses the pq formula for finding the zeros of a function quickly and easily. For this, only the values for pq must be entered. All calculations are stored in the history. The final solution can be shared.

[ Content ]
– the values for p and q must be entered
– calculation of the zeros of a function with the pq formula
– history function that saves input
– complete solution
– the entering of fractions is supported
– option to buy the app ad free

[ Usage ]
– there are 2 fields for entering the values ​​using a modified keyboard
– if you have not entered enough values, the text fields are highlighted in yellow
– if you have entered invalid values, the corresponding text field is highlighted in red
– you can switch between the solution, input view and history by swiping and / or touching the buttons
– the entries in the history can be deleted or sorted manually
– if you select an entry in the history, it will be loaded automatically for the calculation
– the entire history can be deleted by pressing a key