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“Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food.” – Hippocrates

Sniffle Soup® is for foodies and cooks who want to use culinary herbs and spices to help alleviate pesky ailments.

Sniffle Soup® allows you to transform a basic recipe for soup, stew, sauté or stir fry into a dish that can boost health in a unique way.

If, for example, you have sleep problems, you can convert a Chicken Tortilla Soup into
Insomnia Soup… If you tend towards migraines, you could create Headache Soup from the same Chicken Tortilla Soup. And morning-after symptoms may dissipate with Hangover Soup.

You could use the same healing blends for non-soup dishes like Brain Fog Braise, MemoryStir-Fry or Pimple Sauté. You could even add a healing blend to a restaurant dish or takeout meal.

WARNING! We are not medical doctors. This app is not intended to diagnose, cure or
treat any disease. We’re making use of the extra healing properties in common herbs and spices which we have used ourselves.

So far Sniffle Soup® addresses 50 ailments, from allergies, brain fog and bloating to
headaches, pimples and varicose veins. Please press Ailments for the complete list.

A blend of 5 to 17 herbs and spices is offered for each ailment.

From the set offered, select the ones you like to create your own personal healing blend for a specific ailment. You can select some or all. For low energy, for example, you might choose basil, oregano, ginger, cardamom, and parsley from the set of 8 herbs and spices offered. Garlic and onion are already in all the recipes, so they are not offered for selection.

You can always omit them if you have a hot lunch date coming up.

Soup is traditionally a healing food. Sniffle Soup® provides 6 basic soup recipes created for this app by Chef Olive: Veggie, Egg, Chicken, Seafood, Slow Beef and Fast Beef.

If you use a recipe in this app, your personal healing herb blend will appear in the recipe. Plus, you get a shopping list which you can customize by checking off the items you have in your pantry or fridge. Then you can create your personal shopping list right on your phone(!)

The 5 steps to create your healing blend:

1. Press Ailments and select one.

2. Select your personal blend for that ailment from the list of herbs and spices you’ll

3. Save your healing blend in Favorites.

4. Customize your shopping list and go shopping.

5. Cook your soup!

Do email us about how this app works for you and what you wish were there in the next version.

IMPORTANT. This app is not intended to diagnose or prescribe any treatment. It is
a unique way to use ordinary kitchen herbs and spices to improve health. To address
any medical condition, please check with your physician.

The development team:

o Olivier Said, Owner and Chef, Kitchen on Fire cooking school, Berkeley, CA
o Heidi Dulay, Ed.D (Harvard), M.S. (Stanford), N.C. (Bauman), Nutritionist, Whole Food Supplement designer, ret Nutrition Professor
o Carol Davison, Medical Herbalist
o Kim Klaver, Owner, Nada Productions, producer and marketer