Smps Connect – IFW

1. Login Interface – With option to select role (Principal, Teacher, Student, Parent) and then remember the login details

2. Student Login Features
a. Check their registration details (Profile- data to be fetched from SchoolSAAS)
b. Check Time Table – Push Notification for Change
c. Check Fee Status – Push Notification for Due fees
d. Check Library Book Status – Push Notification for Submission Reminder
e. Reserve Book in Library
f. Apply for Leave – Push Notification on Approval
g. Check Examination Marks – Push Notification on marks availaibility
h. Apply for T.C
i. Apply for Certificates – Push Notification to collect Certificates when ready
j. Check Calendar – Notification for important dates, holidays, exams
k. General Communication – push notification for important messages, can also be send via SMS
l. Important News
m. Important Downloads
n. Register for Event/Competition
o. Online Fee Payment
p. Birthday Reminder of Teachers/Students of their class

3. Parent Login Features
a. On login can select the student / ward (if multiple student)
b. After login we can show the details what we have taken into student login
c. Drop Feedback and Complaints
d. Communication with Class Teacher
4. Teacher/Class Teacher Login features
a. Their Basic Profile and Class/ Subject details
b. Marks Entry for Class & Subject
c. Home Work assignment
d. Approve/ reject leave of students
e. Student Attendance details and entry
f. Leave Application
g. Study Material Upload
h. Respond to complaints/feedback by parents
i. Communicate to parent (if Class teacher)