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Ubooly Inc. - Smart Toy: Parents artwork Smart Toy: Parents
Ubooly Inc.
Genre: Education
Release Date: August 25, 2015

PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a Smart Toy®, available at

With the new Smart Toy® app, a stuffed animal can actually become your BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)!

Hey Parents!

Smart Toy® is an adorable toy that blends real-world play with the latest technology to create a uniquely AWESOME experience for your child.

About the toy:

• Your child’s Smart Toy® can talk, listen, and learn
• Each Smart Toy® comes with a ridiculous number of activities
• Activities are designed by early childhood development experts

And now, you can add to the fun with this free app! Send parent-helping content, like teeth brushing activities, bedtime stories and more, straight to your toy. Just tap a button and your toy will start playing the selected activity, right away!

About the app:

• Pair your toy to your home Wi-Fi network to get free updates full of new activities
• Customize Smart Toy® to know your child’s name, age and more
• Launch hundreds of activities right from your mobile device
• Schedule a play break with a single tap
• Gain insights on how your child is learning and what they enjoy
• Compatible with Smart Toy® Bear, Monkey, and Panda (sold separately)

Don’t have the toy yet? Get yours today! Available at

Designed for ages: 3-8yrs.
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