Slider by TKO Solutions – TKO Solutions LLC


Slider is a fun game based on the 4 by 5 sliding block puzzles first popularized by Lewis Hardy’s century old Pennant Puzzle. Free the large block through the “Escape Area” at the bottom center of the puzzle. When a game first starts, a number of smaller blocks will prevent the large block from “Escaping”. Move the interfering small blocks out of the way to free the “Big Guy”. Move the blocks by sliding them to an open space.

Notice that “Power Push” allows you to move multiple blocks though multiple positions, just like the actual game, so don’t waste moves one block at a time – move the whole row at once! Boxed-In sounds simple, right. Wrong! This is an excellent logic game which will keep you engaged for hours.


– “Power Push” moves multiple blocks in one swipe
– Universal, buy once, run on all your devices
– Replay previous games in their entirety
– Many puzzles for hours of entertainment
– Reset button for if you’re stumped
– Elapsed time and moves counter
– Automatic game save

Puzzles are listed with with best time and moves for completed puzzles, and minimum required moves for unsolved puzzles. Previous attempts at the puzzle can be seen by selecting the disclosure arrow, which brings up a list of your 100 previous attempts. Selecting one will replay the puzzle in its entirety.

Remember, it’s all about the game play. Boxed-In has “Power Push”, which lets you move move multiple blocks through multiple spaces with just one swipe, the way the actual game plays. And when you win a game, you get to immediately choose to replay the same game (if your competing with a friend), go to the next puzzle, or see an “Instant Replay” of the game you just won.

Give Boxed-In a try, you’ll be addicted before you know it.