Singapore Currency Convertor – gao Shiyu

This homemade app does not require any permission, pls feel safe to use.

It has kept running for 5 years since early 2013, and it will continue to run.
I know many of you are still using this app, and I would like to say ‘thank you’.

During 5 years, a lot of issues happened, and the most critical one was Yahoo stopped providing it’s data api and charts, which made this app un-usable in the second half of year 2017.

In order to make it work again, in the end of Year 2017, I rent a server host and implemented a backend data api, well, have to say, it was bitter and sweet (remind me durian). The most value added parts are on fulfilling the requirements from user feedback and drawing the currency charts, which required effort to explore and implement.

Anyway, too much history. Have fun !

How to use:
1) To update data, pull down the list.
2) To change position, press down the currency row and hold, select options.
3) The rest features are visible, so I will not mention further.

Ver 1.0 (2013-01-19)
– Completed basic functions.