Shuttle Tripz – Ashwani Verma


Undoubtedly, a challenge is faced in moving to and from the airport from your property or hotel as getting an expedient shuttle is always a problem.

ShuttleTripz understands this challenge and provides a solution; A Superb Shuttle Tracker.

Our ShuttleTripz Tracker is a mobile app geared towards giving you convenience and enabling you to get an efficient shuttle service, notwithstanding the frequency of your movement to your parking spot or hotel.

With our Shuttle Tracker Mobile App, you know when each shuttle leaves your parking lot and get pre-information that’ll help you meet up with any shuttle of your choice.

There’s more to our shuttle tracker than just timing. With the mobile app, you can also monitor the terminals designated for any shuttle to arrive.

ShuttleTripz provides information about the shuttle, your prospective driver, departure and arrival time through the tracker. Our tracking tool averts odd eventualities for you, such as being stranded, waiting for the next shuttle to the airport or missing your target shuttle moving in or leaving the airport.

Shuttle Trackers are easily assessable, reveals concrete information about any shuttle and can be operated from your comfort zone.

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