ShowMeBiz VR – Olga Amraie


ShowMeBiz VR is a unique innovative platform that unites all the exhibitions of the world in one application. The aim is to expand the capacity of millions of companies to present their products on a global scale.

Some annual exhibition statistics*:
• 5 million companies take part in exhibitions in 1 year;
• 260 million visitors annually attend all exhibitions;
• 30 000 total number of exhibitions held in the course of 1 year around the world;
• about 520 million people can’t visit the exhibitions;
• about 10 million companies are losing their profits.

If you think about it, exactly double the number of people can not get to the exhibitions, compared to the existing number of visitors. Exactly double the amount of companies do NOT take part in exhibitions than the ones that do!

Hence the idea of creating a single exhibition platform for the whole world – ShowMeBiz VR was born. Its a place where any company or brand can exhibit its goods or services. And any visitor, a person with a smartphone in his hand, who is looking for something, can get there without leaving his cozy home or office.

What’s more, anyone can put VR glasses on and virtuality turn into reality! You can walk, watch, listen to seminars and speeches, which are usually very valuable at exhibitions. See the materials of the exhibitions that have already passed. Try on the product, contact the seller, place an order or buy in the end!

Using artificial intelligence, Blockchain technology, virtual and augmented reality, ShowMeBiz VR offers unlimited opportunities for business promotion, marketing and sales management.

In ShowMeBiz VR – you can see the exhibitions that took or take place at the moment and most importantly, the virtual visualization of the companies and their products 24/7/365.

Interaction with the ShowMeBiz VR product occurs through:
– Applications-software that is downloaded from the AppStore and Googleplay on your mobile device;
– WebSoft is a cross-platform application that can be accessed through a web browser interface;
– Oculus (VR).

Applications can be used from a smartphone, computer, view content, both in 2D and 3D using VR glasses.

Product functionality is identical no matter what method of interaction is chosen, but is split into the following CA groups:
1. Organisers of off-line exhibitions.
2. Visitors to offline exhibitions.
3. Companies-participants of offline exhibitions and companies tenants of virtual square meters (ExpoBlock).
4. People who want to visit digitized off-line exhibitions or the global virtual exhibition ShowMeBiz VR.
5. Investors who invest at the ICO stage and become co-owners of ShowMeBiz VR and receive dividends from renting out ExpoBlock.

ShowMeBiz VR is a profitable tool for presentation and promotion of business that has no analogues together with advanced sphere for investment.

The uniqueness of the investment is that the tokens of ExpoCoin, in addition to the fact that it is an internal currency of the project, are also supported by Expoblock – virtual square meters, in a ratio of 1:1.

Therefore, after the launch of the” first floor ” in September 2018, the investor will also become a co-owner of ShowMeBiz VR and will receive a passive income from the rental of Expoblocks. Moreover, the management company ShowMeBiz Ltd takes absolutely all the necessary actions to find tenants and work with them.

Taking into account the huge potential market of the platform – $1.7 trillion, success is predetermined for the ShowMeBiz VR project.

“We believe in our business and we do it with all our soul and with with professionals of the highest level. The project is the result of serious and thoughtful work. We are still halfway through our journey, but we think globally, act globally and always go one step ahead. What for most users is – tomorrow, for us – it is yesterday!”- says Olga Amray – founder, project Manager ShowMeBiz VR.

One Expo – One Click!