Shoplifter City Thief Girl – Beansprites LLC

Shoplifter City Thief is a shoplifting and thief simulator with tons of shopping venues at night with a security guard watchdog that will not let you get by easily!

Sneak around, and take items from various shops at night while avoiding security – get caught, and you will go to jail.

Stake out places like the Supermarket, Mini Mart, Electronics Store, Toy Store, Drugstore, and even the Candy Shop!

Hide in corners while security runs by, checking for your presence, then continue stealing when he walks by. Steal five items in a venue, then head over to the pawn shop to sell your loot for money, and unlock new areas in the game!

Shoplifter City Thief – Shopping Thief Girls is a fun game for those that love stealth type games, and shopping combined!

This game is only a simulator. Theft is a crime, and is punishable by law with fines, jail, or both. This game is strictly for entertainment purposes only.