Shoot The Core – Balbir Singh Clare

Take Control of the Cowboy and keep him alive as he shoots his way through the lightsabers flying towards him.

This is the most innovative shooter on an iPhone in years. The Cowboy will shoot automatically and will always shoot towards the centre of the screen. Your job is to dodge and shoot down the lightsabers. This is a frantic fast paced game so even though the cowboy does the shooting and aiming for you. He is relying on you to play well to keep him alive! hold him to move him around! Holding him also makes him feel happy.

I was inspired to make this app by some of my favourite games:
>Halo – The game that got me into shooters, influenced burst firing of the gun!
> Devil Daggers – The game that inspired me to want to make a character who runs away from knives that have a mind of their own and chase him down!
> Swivel Shooter – The game that influences the centre of the screen gravity mechanic!

Recommended playing with the Jon Wick OST on in the background!

Shoot the core is a fast paced top down shoot em up with a hint of retro! See how high you can score today!