Shipwefly – Sherene Blake

Living in the Caribbean does not allow direct access to the same items and
commodities as in US, United Kingdom and Canada. Some Caribbean nationalities must meet
the visa application requirements in order to travel to these countries. There are also other
limitations such as; long international shipping times; high clearance cost; expensive shipping
services and overpriced local items, hence the creation of Shipwefly to bridge these gaps.
Shipwefly is a peer-to-peer crowdsourcing mobile application that connects buyers and
travelers in the Caribbean and overseas. Shipwefly provides a win/win exchange for the traveler
and buyer; the traveler gets paid for delivering the item(s) and the buyer avoids that additional
expense of flight/cruise ticket, long wait times and other exuberant travel costs. Most
importantly this mobile application allows immediate access to item(s) or commodities that are
not readily available in the buyer’s location or country. For many who are unable to finance
these expenses all at once and need an item delivered quickly, Shipwefly is the solution to your
problem; simply select from a pool of travelers heading to your country to transport your item
and track your item through the mobile app until it is delivered to you.