ShipExchange – Bosung Park


ShipExchange connects the world’s shipping professionals to make them more productive and successful. You can stay connected with qualified members, discover what’s going on in the market, and share fresh information and great opportunities.

We believe in power of relationships among people in the shipping industry. We believe the closer the relationships that people have, the greater the job that people can do. Our challenge is taking the shipping market in your hands to touch people in the market anytime and anywhere.

We have made a revolutionary shipping club on the Web, ShipExchange. Its ideal Web place and friendly IT tools provide easier and closer access to the market. You can exchange fresh information and great opportunities with the members all over the world.

In the 18th century, merchants and sea captains came to a coffee house in London to have meetings with their clients. More than 250 years later, the shipping industry has become much bigger and more international with the growth of the world economy. We made a place to come together again. The revolution of information and communication technology in the shipping industry has started. We will keep challenging ourselves with continual innovation for our members’ satisfaction.

ShipExchange Mobile APP provides:

1) Auto Connection
You can automatically find and follow the activities of your friends and clients in ShipExchange whose email addresses are registered in the address books of your device.

2) Notification
You can receive the notifications when you receive the messages. You can avoid to miss the messages from the clients.

3) Auto Sign In
Once you sign in at the APP, you can automatically sign in again every time you start the APP or are unexpectedly disconnected.

4) Easier Design and Operability
You can use ShipExchange more easily by the simplified designs for experienced users and the following convenient action commands.

Shake the Device; Renew the Page
Swipe to the Right; Go Back to the Previous Page
Swipe to the Left; Go Forward to the Next Page