SharpShot EZ-Trainer – OutWest Systems, Inc.

Control app for the SharpShot EZ-Trainer Marksmanship Training box used with laser dry-fire and airsoft trainers.

A SharpShot EZ-Trainer is required to make full use of this app. This app is used to control the SharpShot box.

High-tech system brings the range experience home. A fun, simple to use, multi-function marksmanship practice system to use with laser dry-fire or airsoft trainers.

– Control and view with your phone or tablet!
– A self-contained training box requiring no other equipment besides a smartphone/tablet and laser or airsoft training weapon.
– Use anywhere indoors letting you target practice without spending on ammo or range fees.
– Your smartphone displays and audibly reports all your shots on the target in real-time.
– Shot location, order and timing tracked for every hit.
– Store all your shooting sessions for later review.
– Choose from several different training scenarios such as quick draw and shoot/don’t shoot.
– Provides exact hit locations in distance from bullseye.
– Connect to and make use of multiple boxes at once for an intense training session.
– Use a standard NRA target or print your own on 8.5”x11” paper.