Shadows Of Revenge – Yang Jin

A shadow warrior woke up by the sea shore. He couldn’t remember why he was there. The only thing he knew for sure was that he must get back to the castle. He must take his REVENGE!

SHADOWS OF REVENGE is an action role-playing game, in which you can explore the various dangerous worlds, collect all kinds of gears, and challenge different powerful enemies!During the journey, you’ll help your warrior take back his memory and find out the truth.


– Easy to learn yet still stressful and exciting combat system. Tap the sides of the screen to move, slide upward to jump, get close to the enemies to attack, and finish them with the powerful execution moves, you are ready to challenge any brutal Boss!

– Super Free battle strategy. You can fight to the death(literally death), or you can always run away, even during a boss fight! Correct judgement is the key to survive the cruel world.

– Create your own warrior. One-handed knight, two-handed barbarian or even a dual wielder ninja, you can build your unique warrior, and with different combat style.

– Over a hundred combat gears, including swords, katanas, rapiers, spears, halberds, axes, hammers, shields, helmets, armor sets. There is always a better gear for you!

– Customize the size of your weapons. There are 10 grades of weapon size from I, II, III, to X. The latter the number is , the bigger the weapon is! No need to envy the boss’s gigantic weapon anymore, you will have your own! Of course you need to defeat the boss and get the loot first.