Seizure Cycle – Childrens Cardiology

There is a known link between estrogen, progesterone, and seizures. At least a third of women with epilepsy have seizure exacerbation around menstruation and ovulation. It is also know that seizure frequency can change in pregnancy. Data suggests that contraception can also affect seizure frequency. Thus, the objective of this app is to have a central location where patients can input their epilepsy history, gynecological history, seizure medication and contraception. Patients enrolled are expected to use this app to track their seizures and their menstrual cycle so that the app can detect a pattern between their cycle and frequency of their seizures. If there is a correlation, patients can then predict when they will have an increase in seizures based on the stage of their menstrual cycle.

These findings will be significant in helping us realize at what point a spike in seizures will occur. This can also serve as a seizure predication tool whereby a patient can start to recognize their menstrual cycle patterns and know when there will be an increase in their seizure frequency and perhaps make lifestyle changes accordingly. This can guide patients and their doctors to better manage seizures during the expected increase in frequency.

The app not only allows tracking important parameters pertaining to women’s health and seizures, it has a feature where patients can generate a summary of their log and report it to their health care provider.

However, Seizure cycle is not a substitute for medical advice, Please consult your health care provider with questions or concerns regarding your seizures or gynecological health