Seguru – Triomix OÜ


Revolutionize the way you see data. Seguru is your personal assistant, designed to help you keep tabs on your personal information. With Seguru, tracking where your data travels and regulating who can see it becomes an effortless task.

It’s more than your typical VPN; Seguru is a movement; a movement with the intent purpose to place the power of knowledge back into the hands of those to whom it belongs. Traverse the internet with the sort of peace of mind that only Seguru can provide.

• Track where your data is traveling from network to network in real time.

• Ensure your personal data remains secure by utilizing Seguru’s seamless VPN client to surf the internet on the private, protected network of your choice.

• Seguru grants you the power of knowing where your internet provider sends your personal data. In an age of increased internet surveillance, this sort of knowledge is vital to maintaining your privacy and autonomy online.