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Stop searching the web to find answers to your questions about your career, relationships, and finances. Whether you seek divination from the East in Chinese astrology, search for happiness in the stars, or look to the mystical knowledge of the Druids for advice, we provide the most accurate personal predictions available in one easy-to-use app.

Download the SEERious app today, and once it’s opened you’ll be transported instantly into a land steeped in mystery, romance, fortune telling and excitement. Your birthday unlocks ancient wisdom which still speaks its truth to us in the present.

Select your personal flavor of online fortune teller and be amazed by the precise details which only a master would be able to unlock. Scroll through the information and read the answers to how all of your issues with work and romance can be resolved.

* Four different methods which illuminate your future, including iChing, Chinese horoscopes, astrology, and the Druid zodiac.
* Available 24 hours per day
* A range of user levels to suit your needs
* Individualized interpretations of what the future holds
* Covers multiple areas of your life to give a detailed path to follow
* Ideal for busy people who need authentic answers immediately

Work with:

*** iChing – A modernized version of the classic Chinese guide to divination, the Book of Changes. Consider your question carefully and select four symbols. The combination will present with you a series of statements related to your situation.

*** Chinese astrology – For thousands of years, the Chinese have sought help from the heavens to find solutions to life’s problems. Your birthday reveals your spirit animal and explains how yin and yang work together with the elements and the five major planets to tell your destiny.

*** Druid runes – Pagan horoscopes based on the association between Earth cycles and the sacred knowledge of the woods. The Romans praised the Celts for the accuracy of their sooth-saying, and linked each month to a specific tree which reminded Druids to work with nature.

*** Horoscopes – The traditional Greco-Roman symbology based on the alignment of the stars and planets at the time of your birth. Discover what is in store for your love life and career, as well as what to expect in the upcoming days and weeks by consulting the constellations.

By simply entering your birthday, you are given access to ancient wisdom with just a tap of your finger. No other online fortune teller can provide this depth of insight and fit inside your pocket!

A list of requested permissions by Seerious:
– Microphone
Enter personal details using voice commands.

– Read phone status and identity
Confirms the phone logged to the account and whether the user is on a call.

– Modify or delete SD card content:
Allows the app to make updates the SD card.

– Read SD card content:
Allows the app to read the contents of the SD card.

– View Network Connections (general internet access) :
Allows you to enjoy an up-to-date content (daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes).

– Prevent phone from sleeping
Keeps phone from switching to sleep mode while app is active.

– View Wi-Fi connections
Allows you to enjoy the best connection available when surfing remotely.

– Change your audio settings
Set default audio device and sound levels.

– Control vibration
App creates default for phone vibration.