Seecure – Allone AB


Seecure is a personal security application that allows you to share your position and communicate with friends and family, and in the case of an emergency, and activate an alarm that goes out to all your Seecure contacts.

You can create different groups with your friends so you can see each other on the map, this will increase your security when going home from school, work or a night out. Everyone in the group can see and chat with each other, and by knowing where your friends are it’s easier to find and help each other. You can have many groups active at the same time, and with a simple tap you can switch between the groups.

You can also send your friends a chat message, asking them to “follow” you home when you feel insecure. Ask your friends to show themselves in the group so you can find them, meet them or just watch out for each other. You can always chat with the group members even if you don’t show your position.

In the case of an emergency, you can activate an Alarm. Then Seecure will notify all users in your immediate area, your emergency contacts, as well as all members of your active groups, that you are in need of help. The notified users that wants to help, sees your location on a map. They can chat with each other, and take picture or record videos directly inside the app.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.