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『海馬牌』從事生產、批發及零售床褥、枕頭、床上用品、沙發及各款家私。 集團總部設於香港,業務遍佈香港、中國內地、澳門、新加坡、加拿大、英國、澳洲及馬來西亞等地。“海馬牌”首創以獨有配方研製出高品質的床褥、枕頭, 暢銷全球,成為床褥、枕頭史上的一個個經典神話。


「海馬牌」床褥榮獲香港連續28年及, 澳門連續8年銷量總冠軍,在港澳兩地以極大比例拋離其它同行業品牌。自1989年首獲中國香港床褥銷量冠軍後,98年更率先更創下市場佔有率68%的記錄, 以大半數拋離第二名. 2016年在澳門,海馬牌床墊更以80.7% 速增的市場佔有率創海馬牌史上之最震撼業界。


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Sea Horse from the production, development and retail mattress, pillow, bedding, Sofa and various furniture. Our Headquarter is based in Hong Kong and we have outlets in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia. “Sea Horse” is the first created a unique formula for the development of high-quality bedding, pillow and mattress are known for their history of a legends.

For enquiry, please contact: +852-2723-3333
more outlets address, please enquiry:

Sea Horse mattress which continues for 28 years in Hong Kong & 8 years in Macau awarded Sales Champion, ahead with a large percentage of its competitors in the territory. In 1989 when the Chinese Hong Kong mattress category was first awarded, we took the lead in creating a market occupancy rate of 68%, way ahead of the second place. In 2016 Macau, the Sea Horse mattress has increased the market share by lightings speed of 80.7% shocking industry in the history.

Sea Horse has become a guarantee of quality and confidence. The major five-star hotels, public institutions, hospitals, government, university dormitories, nursing homes and so on all uses the Sea Horse mattress, pillow and other products. It is a testament to the quality of the brand and the image of the professional industry has gained the affirmation of the community.