Scopuly Stellar Explorer – Scopuly Ltd


* Support of various assets and tokens for one crypto account (sending and receiving tokens, the browser of the network blockchain as a function of viewing the balances of other accounts, viewing the history of any transactions and related operations in the distributed network blockchain, managing trust lines for one or another crypto-assets)
* Multiple accounts. The ability to add as many accounts as you want, and give them names so they are organized.
* Checking the issuers of tokens on the declared rules of the released assets to reduce the risks from unscrupulous players in the ICO industry
* Encryption of secret keys locally on the user’s device (the safest and most reliable method of “cold storage”)
* Recover a address from an encrypted recovery token
* Token-Marketplace (the market of active tradable tokens in the network)
* Distributed trade in crypto / tokens (the ability to sell and buy any tokens directly from the address)
* Accounting transaction history for any transaction