Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz – Ranjanben Savaliya

Welcome to Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz, the App that will help you tune both your mind and spirit. First of all, lets explain what the Schumann Resonance is: it is an extremely low frequency that resonates through the earth’s electromagnetic field, and that is always in the background of our planet’s electromagnetic spectrum.
It is an inaudible frequency: but through the wave generator contained in this app, you can recreate an very similar but audible tone, at an amplitude of 7.83 Hertz. It’a common belief that by listening to this frequency you can improve your concentration; many people find it very useful during their vipassana meditation techniques or their mindful pranayama yoga routines, as they feel that this soothing sound promotes wellbeing and interesting out of body experiences.

Want to try listening to this Earth frequency, said to influence molecular vibration and consciousness? Then try out our App for free! Just remember that is fundamental to wear headphones in order to fully experiences the benefits of Schumann Resonance, the 7,83Hz healing tone.

In order for you to enjoy even more this amazing sound, we added 10 different binaural relaxation songs to play in the background

The titles are as follows:
1. Consciousness
2. Molecular Vibration
3. Energy Cycle
4. Earth Frequency
5. Brain Synchronization
6. Binaural Relaxation
7. Life Abundance
8. Relaxation Technique
9. Third Eye
10. Isochronic Tones