School Bus Driver Simulator 3D – yucel demir

Be ready for the adventure in buses colorful world. There are six different bus that are ready to explode. In this adventure, the funniest things are not dangerous roads or vehicles, it is you!

The brake is important for buses, but if you use the brake, you will restart the game, the bomb is connected to brake. We placed bombs to each bus, now you have a very special duty. It is you the most dangerous thing on the roads and other vehicles doesn’t know how dangerous you are. If you want, you can turn on your main beams or blow the horn at length, open sirens and warn them. We designed buses differently for you. School Bus, Load Minibus, Double Decker, Trailer and Minibus.

Be ready for dangerous journey with 6 different vehicles. Do not forget to turn on your different sirens. You should not hit the vehicles in front of you, horn and sirens help you to overcome the obstacles. We used modified developers while placing bombs into bus to increase your driving pleasure. You can change your points to money and modify the bus which you choose. These adventurous roads are more important than your dangerous buses. Do not slow down, when you slow down, you will explode! So modifying is important. Collect points and change them to money for wheels, rims, steering wheels and modify your buses. Speed, control and balance are very important, keep an eye on the vehicles in front of you, your reflexes must be perfect. Four different buses are ready for you to drive. Collect more points and have faster buses to maximize your driving pleasure to top. You must have the most durable tires on snowy, rainy and night drives.

Use brake and accelerator balanced for handling your vehicle in snowy, rainy weathers. You must have perfect reflexes and your buses strong, must go ahead without hitting somewhere, the bomb is ready to explode anytime. Speed will be the best driving for you. Enjoy these buses, try not to trigger the bomb, do not hit the vehicles and try not to use brakes, because you are a dangerous bus. Now you can begin play the game, you are in the target. We keep developing for you. We’ll add more buses and different vehicles soon. Roads and dangers will be more fun with Truck, pick-up, ambulance and tow trucks.