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Scavenger a TBGP Projects app helps you to maintain your waste management system, recycle more and waste less, We are concerned about the sustainability of our entire life ecosystems, as the modern society, we support the green movement to make this world better, forever.

Features :
• Our Scavenger team are ready to take your trash, set your pinpoint location and in awhile our team will pick it up for you.
• Set your time for pick up, our pick up time schedule starts from morning to evening.
• Recycle points ; to every member who join this app, the more recycle waste you collect, the more points you will earn.
• Scavenger is a Non-profit organization, for those who want to donate for support and concern about our nature sustainability, we’ll be very gladly accept that with sincere.
• Our current coverage area are DKI Jakarta only, but soon will expand to bigger area.

Feedback :

We want to hear it from you, Scavenger are committed to delivering new features based on your feedback and the reviews we receive, if you love our app please give some lovely review, too. If you have any suggestions kindly email us at

About Scavenger a TBGP Projects

Scavenger is a project by The Better Green People (TBGP) which aims to help both the environment and the people. Our hope is to connect people in order to form a strong foundation of environmentalist who strives to truly make this world a better place. In order to encourage everyone to participate in this movement, the Scavenger program has taken form through an application that can be downloaded from the App Store for free!

You can reach us at :

Facebook : We Are Scavenger
Instagram : @wearescavenger
Twitter : @WeAreScavenger
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