ScaleWise – Chris Melville


ScaleWise is a new app that helps brass and woodwind players learn the scales for their ABRSM and Trinity exams. It actively listens to your playing and analyses it live and identifies any mistakes.

Whilst learning the scales it shows the musical notation, allowing you to play along. It’ll highlight mistakes the moment they are heard which helps prevent picking up bad habits. Once you’re ready each individual scale can then be tested from memory, after which ScaleWise will give you a score and highlight any mistakes.

If you’re confident you’re ready for the exam, let ScaleWise run entire mock exams, randomly picking from the syllabus just as an examiner would. In this situation several scales are tested in sequence, with a weighting towards scales with which you may have previously struggled. After all scales have been heard the entire exam is scored, and mistakes again shown for each scale heard.

ScaleWise is always up-to-date with the relevant syllabuses so there should be no surprises come exam day. All progress is stored online, not in the phone, so it can work seamlessly across multiple devices.

It’s also possible to set up a teacher email address for each instrument and grade so they can be kept abreast of your progress. They can then log-in and see any scales with which you’re having issues with, and how you’re progressing through the syllabus.