Santa In Photos – Dexati


Create Santa Photos by Adding Santa or Elf in your Camera view. Capture the Photo Santa, Elf in your photos. Track Santa at your home with realistic looking Santa Photos.

Santa In Photos is the best way to have santa in your regular photos along with Elf, Snowman and Santa Decoration with awesome looking Christmas messages.

Santa In Photos let you add Santa to your Live camera feed and Capture the moment santa was in your photos. Surprise family with santa photos in your house. Santa in photo is the only app that shows live santa view on your camera view to add capture santa in your house.

You can also add Santa Photos to your photos, Elf your photos, Add snowman to your photos.

If your kids are interested in Santa Tracker, surprise them with Santa tracked at your own home with santa photos in your home.

Santa Moments along with letting you add Santa to your photos, Snowman to your photos, you can also use Text over Photos, Draw over photos and other advanced tools to highlight your photos.

Photo Decoration – Decorate your photo with the decored fantastic stickers available in-app.

Christmas Photo Frames: Celebrate Christmas this season with Christmas Photo Frames. Christmas Frames comes in wide range of selection to add Christmas frames to your photos.