Sameh Gabra – Mohamed Nar


• Offering one place for Mr.Sameh Gabra, students, and parents to communicate effortlessly and conveniently.
• “Sameh Gabra” is a branded app version originally developed from SmartEdu App by Innoventures Software that keeps Mr.Sameh, students and parents synchronized.

-How can “Sameh Gabra” app help you?

• SAT Math students enrolled with Mr.Sameh Gabra, can:
– View their grading marks.
– Be updated with important class updates and changes.
– Communicate their questions on live discussion forum.
– Find and easily download course materials all in one organized hub.

• For parents, you can:
– Get instant notifications with every class updates during all year sessions.
– Receive important announcements and updates.
-Be updated with attendance status and summary reports for your child.

SmartEdu empowers teachers to build a positive classroom community by constantly supporting students and effectively communicating with parents.