SALTy – Photo Geotagger – Appulize


Warning! It is extremely important that time, date and timezone of the importing device and the camera match to use this app!

Ever wished photos taken with another camera and imported into your iCloud library were also geotagged just like the ones taken with your phone?

As long as you keep your phone with you and make sure time, date and timezone is synchronized between your phone and camera, you can even have it happen automatically!

With automatic tagging enabled you don’t even need to open the app for it to work. Even if you import photos on your Mac or iPad and they sync to your iPhone they will eventually also be tagged fully automatically in the background. The geotags will then sync back to iCloud so you can view a map of your photos on any device that supports this.

The app also supports importing .gpx and .json files from Google Timeline so you can tag your old photos as well!