Rush Hour Trafic – Murat Cal

Traffic te rush hour li driving game is a skillful driver game that requires skillful driver and sudden reflex movement. Our game is completely free. Download and play free car games. While driving on the side, go to the vehicles in front of you by honking the horn and traffic, Watch out cars know how to give way. like a chauffeur, you must pass carefully and quickly to the right and left of the vehicles that do not give way. Do not accident. Prove that you are a master driver in traffic. The longest distance you will go to test yourself. You can even race with your friends. Check our reflex well in our game is a game that requires attention. Imagine that you have an injured patient in your vehicle you need to take to the emergency hospital if you do not reach the time of the patient’s life depends on your skillful driver. In this game you will have a pleasant and fun time Download now for free and start playing. Girl games, Boy games, Games for all ages. Free Car Games, Free Ambulance Games,
* Easy control
* Siren sound
* 3D visual simulation
* Have fun