Rue Ami – Glenn Rowsam


RUE AMI lets you select almost any place in the world — a house or apartment building or school or office or even vacant land — and label it with the year that connects you to that place. Then, on a map of that place, you can drop many location-pins and add whatever further details you’d like to display with each pin.

For each RUE AMI location that you pull together from drop-down lists, you can display a zoomed-in map. It could be the place where you grew up or went to school or had your first job or raised your first kid. You can then drop and name as many location-pins as you like, to each of which you can add further detail. Find the homes of childhood friends, drop a pin and add their names. Find your old school and add the names of your schoolmates, your teachers, your coaches. Find where a place used to be, but is no more, drop a pin and give it a name. It doesn’t even have to be your neighborhood. Find the place in the world where your parents (or your grand-parents) lived and grew up. Show the steps from there to your family’s current locale. Build up the geographic pieces of your own ancestral history into a cohesive whole that you can share with your friends and family.