RTS Roger Touchscreen Mic – Rule the School

Would you like a convenient, quick, brain-based way to teach how to manage Phonak’s Roger Touchscreen Mic DM system? This technology is used by people who need it to auditorily access their environments. In order to keep auditory access, users must know how the DM system works so they can learn to troubleshoot. Using a fun matching game, this app teaches the basic labels and functions of the parts, then uses that knowledge to play Bingo and TicTacToe games. Answers are included. Parents, classroom teachers and other professionals who work with students with hearing loss as well as users themselves will find this app invaluable.
A suggested IEP goal and data sheet are available at https://wordpress.com/page/rule-the-school.com/65.
For 2-4 players – readers and non-readers – ages 5 and up.