“RS-R30I” is a remote control application for the ICOM Wideband Handy Receiver “IC-R30.”
You can operate and change the receiver’s settings using an iPhone or iPad, and you can also check
its settings.

Device requirements:
iOS version 9.0 or later for 64 bit CPU models.

Supported receiver:
Icom IC-R30

Refer to the instruction manual for details.

– The RS-R30I does not guarantee compatibility with all iPhones and iPads.
It may not work, depending on its OS version, installed applications, and so on.

– Confirm the IC-R30’s Serial port function is set to”CI-V (Echo Back OFF)”
( [MENU] > Bluetooth Set > Data Device Set > Serialport Function )

– Bluetooth LE is used to connect with the IC-R30 and it is a slow data transfer.
So there may be a time delay between the receiver’s operation and the display on the data device.
In addition, depending on the receiver environment, it may not be able to operate properly.

– Bluetooth may be disconnected in the following cases:
· The screen of the device is locked.
· The application is running in the background mode.
· Wi-Fi is enabled.
· Connecting or removing a Bluetooth headset.