Rosa Business – Robert Sarfo


The ROSA Business app is designed for you to manage your entire retail store at your fingertips.

Upload new products within seconds
Update old product prices within seconds
Accept and reject orders
Update your inventory

All updates are automatically immediately updated on your webshop page.

Grow your brand with ROSA Business

Firstly, When a new order is placed your business can receive a visual and sound notification when orders arrive on your business owners smartphone or on a tablet, even when the app is closed. Then your business owners have to open the app by using their own login details or can log in if their details are already saved, within just a click to view the newly placed order under “Pending” section, Or even can look for the completed order under “Done” section and for the orders that are in progress can be viewed from “In Progress” section of the app. It also has a unique feature to search for any order by just entering its necessary details like Customers name, City name from where the order was placed, Business name, date range, etc. to fetch the order that you are looking.
Secondly, After the business checks for the pending order, now he/she have to click on order button to view its entire order details, i.e., Customers name, address, phone no, email & exact location/distance of the user to the business live on the map (Integration with google maps & apple maps to view delivery route directly from your app), along with the order details and total price. Then below that, you have the option to select “Accept” or “Reject” the order. Once it is accepted, then you will find a page where your business owner can set a particular delivery time in minutes so it can notify your customer about the expected time for its delivery and once the time is set and the order is “Accepted & Confirmed.” Your customers/user will get an email notification stating about their order confirmation that the order is accepted by the business etc.

Thirdly, When the order is accepted, your business owner can set a driver for its delivery when it is prepared or ready to be delivered to its actual customers from the app. Once a driver is set for an order, the driver will get a notification with the order details on their delivery app, so that they can deliver the order to the actual customer, within the time frame allotted by the business owner at the time of accepting an order.

Fourth & finally, our business app allows your business owner to print the order efficiently, to keep a proof of the order accepted as well as to send it along with the order as a receipt copy for the actual customer/user